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Today we have become so accustomed with people having goals of losing weight we've lost track of health. What I mean is that it's become all about losing weight rather than getting healthy. Unless you want to become healthy, you will never keep weight off and maintain a healthy weight. Losing weight in this country has essentially become a choice between surgery and starvation. There is however a much better and natural way. Healthy weight loss starts with understanding the real reason behind wanting to lose weight. Rather than having a goal of just "losing weight", clarify your goals, dig deeper and get specific with what you really want your life to look like. This type of goal-oriented thinking motivates a lasting healthy lifestyle and will encourage healthy weight loss to occur naturally as a side effect to your goal.

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Let's face it, almost no one who goes on a diet has any kind of lasting success. Research has shown that 96% of those who actually lose weight will gain in back in less than three years. And the failure rate after three years is even higher. This is the sad but simple truth. You've heard it before, but you want to lose weight so bad that you think, "Maybe this one will be different." I'm here to tell you that it won't. Diets simply do not work. The people who have lasting success are the ones who make a commitment to change. Not drastic un-natural shocks to the system, but consistent small changes usually fueled by the discovery of and education in nutrition. Once you have a better understanding of what the body needs and how and where to get those key ingredients, losing weight will no longer be your goal, but healthy weight loss will become a side effect of wanting to get healthy.

Think about that for a moment. Healthy Weight loss as a side effect, not as a goal. Ask yourself honestly, "Why do I want to lose weight?" You probably have several reasons. Well each reason should become your goal. If your answer is "I want to fit into my old jeans," then your goal is not to lose weight it's to fit into your old jeans. This goal setting process is very important, because it's the specificity of the goal that motivates you. Then when a side effect of the action necessary to achieve your goal is healthy weight loss, it's guaranteed to make you feel good about yourself and in turn will continue to motivate you toward taking even more action toward your next goal. This cycle of motivation is what makes all the difference in maintaining a healthy weight. Do you want to live a Healthy lifestyle or do you just want to lose weight? I bet that you chose the former. You don't want to lose weight, you want to feel better about yourself. You don't want to lose weight, you want to have more energy, you want to look better, you want to fit into those jeans, you want to live a healthy lifestyle. The list goes on an on. When you feed your body the proper nutrition, healthy weight loss will be a guaranteed side effect, period. When you clean out all the toxins in your body by introducing ingredients the body craves, once again healthy weight loss is the side effect. When you feed your body healthy energy (not coffee or other toxic short-term stimulants) you will find yourself being more active and yup, you guessed it, healthy weight loss will be the side effect.

This is the difference between losing weight and getting healthy. When your only goal is to lose weight, one of two things happens; either you get discouraged and end up quitting and feeling like more of a failure than when you began, or you end up gaining back even more weight than you lost. Now when your goal is wanting more energy or wanting to get healthier or wanting to feel better, or wanting to start living a healthy lifestyle you can start having and feeling these things almost immediately just by learning to feed your body what it needs. These small accomplishments on a daily basis will continue to motivate you. Stop dieting and seeking out new short-term quick fixes and start making small changes by adding proper nutrition to your day and celebrate each small change along the way. Time is going to pass whether you make a choice to get healthy or not. So you may as well be patient and start down a path of transforming your entire life, rather than looking for a quick fix that if your lucky will only yield short-term results.

Proper nutrition is easier to come by than you think. Most people feel that it's hard, time-consuming and expensive to eat healthy. Or that you have to give up all the things you love. Only diets make you give up the things you love. The truth is, once you learn what your body needs, and how easy it can be to get it, you'll see that it's not difficult, time-consuming or expensive at all. In fact it's the exact opposite. Before long, you'll see that through choosing a healthy lifestyle and by choosing more specific and motivating goals that can be accomplished on a day-to-day and week by week basis, that healthy weight loss will occur on its own and I promise your life will start to become easier. Because let's face it, if you want to lose weight but your not choosing to start living a healthy (or healthier) lifestyle, then your on a diet. And as I said before, it's been proven time and time again that diets don't work.

If you want to achieve healthy weight loss and maintain a healthy weight, you mustn't starve yourself, and be depressed because you can't eat what you want. Instead you have to start learning about health and how to give your body what it really needs. Get excited about getting healthy and start slowly just by adding some nutritious foods to your day and let the healthy weight loss occur on its own.

How motivating and encouraging will it feel when the side effect of your goal is losing weight? When the side effect of adding things to your diet rather than subtracting them, is losing weight? The obvious answer is that it will feel amazing! Amazing enough for you to continue wanting to feed your body this vital nutrition for the rest of your life. Then after the unwanted pounds have been released, maintaining a healthy weight will be something you don't have to work at, it will just happen because you're giving your body all that it needs and wants.

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