Truth About Weight Loss Pills

Whether for short-term or long-term fat loss, slimming pills do not work! Here's why.

Manufacturing companies design weight loss pills in such a way that the drugs help to suppress your appetite to achieve fat loss. But it's also a very smart and scheming tactic to fatten their own wallet for they know very well that most overweight people are reluctant or lazy to change their bad dieting habits and inactive lifestyle but yet wanted to remove the extra pounds.

Where there is demand, there is supply.

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So, fat loss pills become like magic pills to those people - help them lose weight while promising them the benefits to indulge in the food they like and continue to lead a sluggish, sedentary lifestyle.

However, the biggest disadvantage with slimming drugs is that once you stop popping them after reaching your goal, your weight rebounds. I'm sure many people are still unaware of why the so-called fat-burning pills cannot stop the weight from coming back. Here's the truth:

Assuming you normally ingest 4000 calories per day. After popping pills, your daily calorie intake may drop by 500 calories due to the appetite-suppressing effect. After several months of the drug consumption, you shed down to your ideal weight. OK, so now you're ready to stop your pills.

But now, without pills, there's nothing to help curb your appetite, and you easily go back to wolf down what you would normally consume before the pill-popping days.

What's worse is that some people scoff in more than what they do before the pills because they thought that now they're at their ideal weight, so they can eat however much they like. But they don't realize that it was the drug effect that helps them control their calorie intake during the regimen. Once without pills, their weight quickly bounces back and quite a number of them grow to even larger size.

Physically, fat loss drugs are just a stopgap measure and it won't help you keep the weight off permanently unless you have so much spare cash to buy and eat them for life because once you stop consuming the drugs, your weight comes back. Is that what you want?

Psychologically, weight loss pills make you think that once you're down to your ideal weight, you can stop eating them and then still maintain your weight for good, which in fact, they don't.

That's the reason why weight loss drugs don't work for even a short-term goal. What's the point of spending that money on drugs that can't help you shed fat over the long haul?

I ever bought fat-burning pills too because I was really overweight and hated the moon-like face and flabby figure whenever I looked into the mirror. The drugs failed me. Not only that, they "provide" additional unfavorable side effects such as thirst, loss of appetite (that's what they call "suppress appetite"), insomnia, constipation, bad breath and dopiness etc.

It was only through the advice of a friend which made me realize that to keep my weight off the only best solution is to totally change the way I eat and the way I live. I've done that and kept my weight off.

So, if you're unwilling to change your bad eating habits and lifestyle, I'd rather that you remain status quo than wasting your money on weight loss pills that could have damaged your health in some ways.

Imagine you generally spend $600 a month on food, with fat loss pills, you'll pay additionally $200+. OK, so the drug manufacturers claim that you will save more money on food since you won't eat more than before. But look at the side effects the drugs have on people, you're likely to spend more on medical fees on the other hand.

All in all, NO ONE ever achieves permanent weight loss with drugs. If you want to lose weight badly, drugs are NEVER the solution.

Don't get conned by the hype. Diet pill companies and manufacturers only care about making more money by capitalizing on the fact that people are lazy to work out and change the way they eat so they come out with such "magic pills" to "help" the lazy overweight, but do they really care about you getting the side effects and your overall wellbeing? Think about it.

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