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The term obesity strictly denotes a substantial excess of body fat. However, it is very difficult to measure fat content directly in living people and so some measure of weight in relation to height is usually used to indicate an individual's degree of fatness. In the past, weight-for-height tables were the most common way of assessing people's weight status. Of late, the Body Mass Index (BMI) has become the usual routine way of measuring fatness. When tested on groups of ordinary adults, BMI is found to be a surprisingly good predictor of body fat content. In some studies, it is almost as good as several of the sophisticated laboratory methods of measuring obesity.

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The BMI is the weight (in kilograms) divided by the height (in meters) squared. Obesity is an enduring disease, which means there is continuous widespread accretion of excess fat in the body. Obesity is known to be a precursor to many health problems, particularly cardiovascular disease, hypertension, arthritis and diabetes. Because of the negative health and social implications of obesity, people often seek weight loss programs. Though, there are several weight loss programs, the best weight loss program remains, exercise combined with low-calorie whole foods diet and lifestyle changes. However, choosing the ingredients for an ideal diet in today's marketplace requires a healthy dose of skepticism, diligence, and a certain amount of fortitude to resist slipping into old convenience patterns.

The most common weight loss strategy is dieting. However, dieting alone seldom proves successful in the long term, particularly if an individual is morbidly obese. The success rate for this supposedly best weight loss program stands a dismal three to five percent. Furthermore, significant numbers of dieters die as a result of anorexia or its complications - they literally starve themselves to death. Other allegedly best weight loss program is use of medications or drugs to control or treat obesity. Most of these slimming-pills work by making a person feel less hungry or making the stomach feel fuller soon. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recommend the use of drugs in the treatment of obesity, as they are found to cause serious heart valve problems.

At levels that are achievable by untrained and especially by overweight individuals, exercise alone is unlikely to be effective in producing substantial weight loss. It needs to be combined with a reducing diet. It must also be said at this point, that in most studies that have looked at the contribution of exercise to weight loss programs, the conclusion has been that exercising has led to only a modest increase in weight loss as compared to dieting. However, when longer-term outcome has been assessed, the evidence suggests that an exercise component increases the chances of long-term success. Once people have lost weight and relaxed their diet, they are less likely to regain weight if their 'best weight loss program' includes an exercise element. Remember, keeping lost weight off is even more of a challenge than losing it in the first place.


Devising a diet and exercise program is not difficult but keeping to it is. To increase the chances of success, a best weight loss program should ideally take account of factors such as: your likes, dislikes, food intolerances, your pattern of eating, your food preparation skills, your need to fit your diet in with the needs of others, your amount of leisure time and your ability and willingness to incorporate more physical activity in everyday living. The best weight loss program that takes account of these factors and is tailored to your circumstances should have the best chance of success. You may therefore be the "best man" to design your best weight loss program.

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