How to Spot a Health-Hazardous Weight Loss Diet

Almost two-thirds of the American population is obese. And with this growing trend and epidemic of overweight and obesity not only in the United States but also in almost every country globally, weight loss products and commercial weight reduction diets become overly popular. Many people try one diet after another in their quest to have the most effective procedure in losing weight. And so, the question is this: How can you possibly spot a health-hazardous weight loss diet?

According to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, there are several questions you need to ask in order to know which diet regimen is healthy and which can be potentially health-hazardous:

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Does this diet claim to reduce your weight rapidly?

Diets that promise you to make you lose more than two pounds per week are probably dangerous to your health. According to the Weight-control Information Network, rapid weight reduction leads to gallstone formation, weight cycling and increased risk for type 2 diabetes. If you want to have a healthy decrease in weight, losing one to two pounds per week through a well balanced diet and exercise is the way to go.

Does this diet promote unbelievable success from the people who used this diet strategy or weight loss product?

Many people promote products because they were paid to do so. Remember, almost every advertisement is a paid advertisement.

Does this diet advise you to use a particular food in excess to promote weight loss? Does it make you shy away from a particular food content such as carbohydrate or protein?

Eating a particular food or nutrient in excess can promote nutritional imbalance. Shying away from important food components such as carbohydrates and protein can cause nutritional deficiencies. If you want to have a healthy weight reduction, having a well-balanced diet is still the best way to execute your weight loss plans.

Does your diet procedure require you to eat less than 1200 calories per day?

Eating a very-low calorie diet which is less than the recommended 1200 calories per day can lead to rapid, unhealthy weight decrease which can result in detrimental consequences. To prevent this from happening, stick to a diet that can provide you with enough energy for your activities all throughout the day.

According to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, permanent weight loss takes time. It can never be achieved within a few months or weeks. Losing weight is as easy as it sounds. But maintaining a healthy weight is a tougher challenge that needs more effort and perseverance. To lose weight, diet is not enough. It needs a total makeover of your entire lifestyle.

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