Natural Weight Loss, Easy Weight Loss... the List Goes on But What Really Gets You there?

I've always been a fan of hard work. Hard work has helped me achieve many things in my life, and there is no greater satisfaction than achieving a goal that was challenging. A feeling that cutting-corners can never bring.

These days we are bombarded with quick-fix messages from the media. Messages and scams that claim to bring easy weight loss, financial wealth, make us social butterflies, and achieve our dreams. Go out and buy the latest "ab machine" and before long you'll have abs like Jessica Simpson. Try the "Money Making Secret," and in no time you'll be cruising the Caribbean on your private yacht, sipping martinis. There's even some new pill out there that claims to turn you into "the life of the party" if you're a little bit shy.

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People are willing to try anything to get results except for the one thing that always works-- good old-fashioned hard work. But it makes sense that we shy away from this because we can't seem to escape all of the tempting "miracle solutions." And they are so very convincing. You can't turn on the television these days without seeing a commercial for some pill that claims to relieve stress, cure depression, help you with women's issues and especially--help you to lose weight. And these commercials are so general that they apply to all of us and have us wondering hmmm..... maybe I am sad; maybe I am having trouble sleeping; maybe I could be a little more outgoing. Maybe this. Maybe that. But the ones that get me the most are those outrageous claims to weight-loss; the ones that claim that natural weight loss can be found in a pill.

I've come across countless people who pop diet pills like candy because they've "tried everything" but still can't find that easy weight loss solution. When I ask them if they tried exercising most will say, "exercise? Are you kidding? I hate exercising." And the truth always comes out with those who claim that they do exercise: there's just no consistency. Putting on the running sneakers once a month is not exactly the definition of "an exerciser."

Let's be honest for a moment here. Are we suckers? Are we really that naïve that we believe a "super pill" is going to lead to easy weight loss? Or are we just getting plain lazy? If we're not willing to "work" for something than it means we really don't want it bad enough. It's as simple as that. You're not going to lose 30 pounds or get rock-hard abs if you don't get on a treadmill or do sit-ups. That's the reality. And I can assure you; pills aren't going bring you natural weight loss.

This quick-fix world of ours is making our heads spin. We need to return to reality folks. We need to analyze what is really important to us and then work towards achieving it. In this life, there is no quick fix. Easy weight loss cannot be found in a bottle.

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