Important Affirmations For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Affirmations are an absolute vital to the achievement of fast weight loss that will last one an entire lifetime. Particularly when you have suffered from depression problems, weight gain may have increased due to boredom, isolation, insomnia, stress, increased appetite, decreased physical activity, and even medication. Many who used self hypnosis or NLP with nutrition and exercise programs achieved a considerably higher success rate for healthy and long term weight loss. No doubt, you must comprehend why and how affirmations work in order to gain the most and obtain results that remain with you.

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When you are ready to achieve your ideal weight, obtain more energy daily, and higher self-esteem, this easy and straightforward efficient formula for generating weight loss affirmations is just what you're seeking.

Step One: Set Your Target Weight

First and foremost in creating effective weight loss affirmations is determining a definite target weight in which you would feel good about achieving. Many people settle on losing weight simply because they want to do just that... lose weight. The problem with this thought process is that our minds have been conditioned to think of losing anything as being bad. Thus when the subconscious mind hears of losing weight, it relates weight loss with a negative emotion immediately in addition to a negative state of mind resulting from depression problems.

Really, nobody really wants to lose weight... for they just want to arrive at their ideal weight, but this is a very straightforward but significant distinction when one wants to achieve quick weight loss.

TIP: To facilitate the process of deciding on the ideal weight, a good idea would be to consult your doctor or use a dependable target weight calculator. By no means should you fix on a target weight by estimating or because you think that is the only weight you might be content with.

Step Two: Decide What You're Going to Change

Positive weight loss affirmations or diet pills alone will not help you attain quick weight loss. You must make changes in your diet and in your activity levels which were already worsened by the depression problems. Efforts to find a shortcut around this and to attain quick weight loss will simply take a toll on that body that isn't worth it. Decide exactly what alterations must be made to accomplish your goal besides choosing the target weight. By doing this, you will give your subconscious mind a particular set of actions to induce the body to take. This will also help with the depression problems you are having as it gives the mind something new to grasp.

Step Three: Build Your Affirmations

Finally, build your affirmations after figuring out your target weight and knowing what changes you should make in order to achieve this. To do this, you will need to follow four basic principles:

1) Make them in the present tense

2) Make them in the first person

3) Make them affirmative (avoid using negatives like: stop, won't, quit, lose, not, no etc.)

4) Make them action oriented

Action oriented simply means that the affirmations address a certain action from step two. In other words:

"I'm eating more natural foods and therefore achieving my ideal weight through reconditioning my metabolism."

"I'm achieving my ideal weight through commitment to resistance training and cardiovascular training."

"I'm enjoying increased energy and self-confidence because of my commitment to proper nutrition and an active lifestyle."

Observe how these weight loss affirmations were all written using the first person, affirmative statements, they were action oriented, and they were in the present tense. This is how you ought to write them. Finally, you put these affirmations to work...

Step Four: Daily Rehearsal

Reconditioning the subconscious mind and reconditioning your body follows a similar set of principles and if followed, this will help with your depression problems. For example, if you decided to go to the gym for a few times, you wouldn't expect yourself to attain permanent results. Therefore, you have to commit yourself to consistent activity and adapt it into a part of your lifestyle... and most importantly, enjoy it and you may even resolve your depression problems. As soon as you have your weight loss affirmations created, say them aloud once every morning and evening.

This is the secret to conditioning your subconscious mind for fast weight loss through positive weight loss affirmations and is certainly a solution to your depression problems.

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