Weight Loss - Should You Lose Weight & How?

Before attempting to lose weight determine whether weight loss is necessary for you i.e., find out if you are really overweight. This can be easily determined from the waist to hip ratio, which is actually the distribution of your body fat. You can easily measure your hip and waist using a tape and divide the waist reading by the hip reading to know where more fat is there in your body. Find out if you are apple shaped which means more fat on the upper part of your body or pear shaped, which means more fat on the lower part. If you belong to the first category you have to lose weight because you are susceptible to more health risks and if you are in the second category the fact it is that you will find it very difficult to lose weight.

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Weight loss, is actually keeping yourself fit by losing the unnecessary and excess fat from your body. The best method of weight loss is to practice regular exercise with the objective of losing weight in your mind along with a regular balanced diet. Exercise with diet of nutritional products is not only good for weight loss but will also help you to improve your cardiovascular system and keep you fit.

One important thing to bare in mind while attempting weight loss, is to understand and accept that it is a very slow process and cannot take place overnight. The reason behind achieving weight loss over a period of time is that your body will be able to adjust to the changes like change in eating habits and practicing regular exercise. Further it has been proven that people who are overweight burn less fat than people who are lean, so initially the rate of losing might be less.

Weight loss primarily requires change in your eating habits. Reduce the quantity of food you eat i.e., try eating two third of a plate instead of a full plate. It is a good practice to eat smaller meals during daytime instead of two larger ones. If you have to eat a large meal make it midday and avoid heavy meals during evenings. Also ensure that your food has more nutritional parts rather than all fat. See to it that your meal well balanced with minerals, carbohydrate, protein, vitamins etc. Further add more vegetables in your diet. Also eat more fiber rich food like pulses, cereals, brown rice, fresh fruits etc., You can try to take aspartame or better yet Spenda in the place of sugar. Drinking plenty of water also helps in weight loss. Try to take at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Another way of accomplishing weight loss is by regular aerobic exercise. To burn fat workout at least 3 to 4 times a week and make sure your going for at least 30mins if you have to break it up into more that's fine. You can join a gym and exercise under expert guidance if that will make you fell more comfortable. Remember must stretch in order to stay injury free. Try doing cycling, rowing, and machine exercise ten minutes each with a gap of one-minute rest in between. With exercise and healthy diet practices weight loss can be accomplished very easily.

We get out there and work it. Summer is here and you have to look great in that swimming suit. So just do it! The hard work will pay off big time.

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