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Making a conscious effort to lose weight and to keep it off takes an incredible amount of will power and focus, especially in today's times where expediency is king and immediate results are to be wrongly expected. Luckily, there is now hope for those that feel that a successful and sustainable weight loss is just too hard to tackle alone. Weight loss buddies are becoming increasingly more common in today's fitness community. Weight loss buddies are typically motivators that are extremely dedicated to losing weight as well and they make sure that when you have your defeated moments, that you stick with it. This could be your closest friend or someone you found via the internet with similar goals that is willing to help. The bottom line is support and teamwork, not passing judgment. Go to any legitimate weight loss forum and you'll see threads leading members to weight loss buddies in their area. However, you could start your very own weight loss support group, so consider that an option of none of the other outlets look too promising.

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Even Dr. Phil McGraw's messageboard provides visitors to his site with information on how to find weight loss buddies in the area. Some sites, such as the highly recommended "" break down their approach three-way. First, over the course of three months the adherent will receive 12 weekly activities based upon the ideas found in the critically acclaimed book, Changing For Good by Drs. J. Prochaska, J. Norcross, and C. DiClemente. Many of the prescribed activities deal with behavioral control, which many believe needs to be addressed in order for a permanent and healthful change to occur. Secondly, the site gives you your own private "Personal Page" where you can be away from your teammates in order to ask an expert a question or add entries to your own diary. Lastly, one is given a "Team Page" when you form a team, which, in turn, only those within the team can access.

Another route to take would be to simply "google" terms such as "how to find a weight loss buddy" or just "weight loss buddy". The results came up incredibly positive; 2,850,000 and 3,830,000 hits respectively. So, realize that you are not alone in this journey. There are messageboards and online support groups for pay sites or free sites. I would be surprised if gyms like the YMCA or Curves didn't have any knowledge of a weight loss buddy system either within their own gym or outside in the community. It's worth investigating. So, essentially the synergy between group members is what keeps everyone on the right path, because once a lackluster member stops doing their part then it slows down the rest in the group, at least psychologically. In other words, only surround yourself with people that are just as committed to change as you are, otherwise your buddies will only be bringing you down. All that's left to do now is to start networking and searching weight loss forums. Post on messageboards, call those friends you've been meaning to call. The ball is in your court now, so quit entertaining the idea of getting fit and do it.

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