How to Overcome Weight Loss Stagnation

We have all embarked on a diet and have soldiered along nicely with a steady weight loss, when suddenly our weight loss stagnates. We may have been doing well and even though nothing in our diet seems to have changed, we find that no matter what we do our weight loss is at a stand still. This may go on for weeks and often causes many of us to give up on our diet as we are so frustrated and disillusioned.

Here are a few tips to help break this stagnation in our weight loss:

- What progress have we made so far?

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We should think about exactly how much weight we have managed to lose so far, and how much more we would ideally like to lose. Have we set ourselves a realistic goal, or are we within reach of our goal weight? We may have set our goal to a specific time in our life, such as the weight we were 5 or 10 years ago, without considering the fact that we have matured, or had children for example. If we consider our changes in age, lifestyle and fitness levels, our weight loss goal may not be as realistic as we had first thought.

- How much more would we like to lose?

If we really want to lose more weight, then a readjustment of calories and exercise habits is required to create a deficit between calories eaten and the calories that we burn. We need to calculate how many calories we need to eat. This can be achieved by multiplying our weight by 10, and then reducing the total by approximately 500 to help weight loss. If our weight is 150 pounds for example, to remain at this weight we need to eat approximately 1500 calories. However if we want to lose weight then we should reduce our intake to 1000 calories, which should result in a weight loss of 1 pound per week. We can increase this to 2 pounds per week if we can also burn up 500 calories with exercise. Of course none of us are the same and our metabolism varies from one person to another, so this is only a rough estimation, not a guarantee.

- Have a sensible outlook.

We need to take a realistic and sensible approach to dealing with our weight loss when we it has become stagnant. Becoming emotional and frustrated will result in us making the wrong decisions. We need to relax and make logical decisions to kick-start our weight loss. We need to review exactly what we have been eating and drinking, and how much exercise we have been doing. Once we have looked at the facts, we will then be equipped with enough information to make the correct decisions to help fuel our weight loss again.

- Have patience.

It may possibly take a couple of weeks before we begin to see any weight loss again, so we need to be patient. We need to remain focused on our goal, we know we can do it, after all we have had success in the past, and we can do it again. We have to remain positive and confident and then we are sure to make it work again.

- Avoid things which can lead to weight loss stagnation.

Finally, look at things that may be causing our weight loss to grind to a halt. Are we eating too much sugar or salt? Are we drinking adequate water, and maintaining our exercise regime? Are we getting plenty of rest and keeping our stress levels in check? Many foods have hidden substances such as high levels of sugar or sodium so ideally we should check ingredients thoroughly to ensure a healthy calorie balance. We should also not be temped to reduce our calorie intake too low, or try to lose weight too quickly.

To move forward from a stagnant spell in our diet, we simply need to get down to basics, find out the cause and take action to rectify any issues that we unearth. The answers are always there, we just have to make the effort to find them if we want to achieve our goal.

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