How To Stay Motivated For Weight Loss: Don't Stop, Look or Listen

When I was growing up in England, there was a road safety campaign for kids called 'stop, look and listen when you cross the road'. These were the three things that were drummed into me at both home and school. I thought of this phrase again today in regards to motivation for weight loss and getting to your ideal weight. But for it to work, we'd have to change the campaign to 'Don't Stop! Don't Look! Don't Listen!'. Before you think I'm crazy, let me explain.

It's precisely these three things - STOPPING, LOOKING & LISTENING - that cause most people to fail in their efforts to lose weight and keep it off.

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Weight Loss Motivation Tip #1: Don't Stop!

Studies show that within 3 months of starting a 'paid for' weight loss program, more people have dropped out than have continued. That is, over half of the people who started a diet they paid their hard-earned dollars to follow, have stopped and given up within 3 months. Bear in mind that people who actually pay to do a weight loss program are likely to be more motivated than those who are at home doing it alone.

All long-term data on diets shows that no one diet is better than the other. The trouble is, most people give up on a diet within a few weeks and think the diet hasn't worked. But if you could just follow it through, you are almost certain to lose weight. I know this is easier said then done but really it's about keeping going to and through the finish line that is the key to success. The first tip is to find an approach that you know you can stick to, so you don't stop before you reach your goal.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #2: Don't Look!

The Internet is a blessing and a curse. When it comes to dietary advice and weight loss tips, it's probably more the latter than the former. Within seconds, you can have at your fingertips every piece of information you need to start losing weight or eating more healthily. Sounds great, but it's not really. It leads to total overwhelm, confusion, bewilderment and uncertainty. In just a few short minutes, you can go from your highly intelligent self to being filled with self-doubt, unable to see the weight loss woods for the dieting trees.

The second tip is to stop looking for the definitive guide on losing weight and eating healthily because it doesn't exist. If you can't even get experts, the medical profession and government organisations to agree, what hope do you have of 'certainty'? The more you research the Internet for the hidden secret, the more you'll just stall in taking action. Pick your approach and stick to it. Don't keep looking for more clues because there's no time to lose when it comes to getting yourself into your best shape and health.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #3: Don't Listen!

Weight loss is BIG business. However, it's probably the industry that's failing its customers more than any other, because while it grows to be a multi-billion dollar industry we're getting fatter every day. Weight is probably 'the' topic that everyone has an opinion about, and is often a self-proclaimed expert.

The real truth is, we barely know what's what anymore because no two people you listen to will give you the same opinion or advice. The third tip for weight loss motivation is to stop listening to everyone's opinion and just find one opinion that you trust. Once you've found that person or business, then use them as your guiding light while you move toward your weight loss goal.

To wrap up these three tips for motivation for weight loss, here they are in a nutshell:

1. Don't Stop - never, never, never give up on your weight loss dreams

2. Don't Look - pick one approach and stop looking for the ultimate weight loss secret

3. Don't Listen - find one person or business that you trust and use them as your guru

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