Weight Loss - Lose Weight Even When Traveling or on Vacation With Our Five Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss is hard. It's not easy to lose weight, even when you are at home and can cook for yourself. You want to keep track of your calories, which is made simpler when you prepare the food. If you prepare it, you know what's in the food, and so you can keep track of calories.

But what do you do when you are traveling or on vacation? Does your weight loss program stop as soon as you leave the house?

There is no doubt that it is more challenging to lose weight when you are eating out. You have no way of determining exact portion sizes, and you don't know for sure how much extra sugar has been added to sauces and everything else you eat.

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However, you can still lose weight while you are on vacation, if you follow these simple tips:

1. Exercise. Even if you are traveling, you can still exercise, and we know that exercise is one of the keys to weight loss. Bring your exercise clothes and work out in the fitness area at the hotel. Go for a swim instead of sitting in your hotel room watching television. Even better, walk. If you set aside half an hour per day to go for a walk, you will feel refreshed, explore your new city, and burn some calories.

2. Eat in for breakfast. Most hotels have a kitchenette or in room mini-bar refrigerator. Buy some milk and cereal and a plastic bowl and spoon, and have cereal for breakfast while you are traveling. It's quick, inexpensive, and a lot fewer calories than a hotel breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausages and hash browns.

3. Pack a lunch. If you can, pack a lunch. By bringing your own lunch, you have control over what you are eating. If you can't pack a lunch:

4. Find a deli for lunch. A sandwich or other healthy meal is better than fast food for lunch.

5. Use the internet to plan your meals. Many restaurants post their menus, with nutritional information, on the internet. Find out what restaurants are in the city you will be visiting, and check out their menus in advance. If you know what healthy food is on the menu, you can decide in advance what to order.

A trip or vacation does not mean you suspend your weight loss program. With some advance planning you can lose weight, even while traveling.

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