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One may wonder what is over weight. Overweight is the term used to denote people who are having more fat than what is required for the normal physiological functions of the body. How to lose the extra weight? Good diet, proper exercise and a combination of both are the orthodox way of losing the weight. But weight loss is also possible by weight loss supplements.

Overweight and obesity is on the rise all over the world. Nearly 64 % of the people in America are overweight and the number is increasing at alarming rate as the need for proper diet and benefits of physical exercise and usage of weight loss supplement are ignored by the people there by and large.

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Before trying for losing weight by doing exercise, following diet and consuming weight loss supplement one must be sure that he or she is overweight. All over the world body mass index is considered as the best tool to conclude that one is certainly overweight.

In general person with body mass index between 25 -30 is considered as overweight and person with body mass index more than 30 is considered obese. Overweight has many health hazards but the dangers are little less when compared to the obese. Hence it is better to start consuming weight loss supplements and following good diet and exercise program as soon as one is diagnosed for overweight.

Coleus forskolii is one of the best weight loss supplements that are used by many people who want relief from obesity and over weight. There are commercial weight loss supplement preparations in the market in which the main component is coleus forskolii.

Forskolin is the component that is available in the roots of coleus forskolii [weight loss supplement], which helps to optimize the composition of the body, and increases the lean body Mass. This is made possible by CAMP activation.

CAMP is nothing but cyclic AMP. This is a very important regulatory component that is seen in the cell of the human being. Activating adenylate cyclase increases the level of this cyclic AMP in the cell.

Adenylate cyclase is in general activated by hormonal stimulation. But coleus forskolii, weight loss supplement activates the same directly by bypassing hormonal stimulation. This results in the increased level of CAMP in the cell.

This increased CAMP level in the cell caused by weight loss supplement, coleus forskolii leads to various physiological reactions which help in losing the weight.

As mentioned above the increased level of CAMP caused by weight loss supplement results in elevated thyroid function, enhanced insulin secretion, inhibition of release of histamine, inhibition of deregulation of mast cells, smooth muscle relaxation, arteries relaxation, and platelet activation inhibition.

In addition to the above mentioned reactions weight loss supplement, coleus forskolii helps to reduce the fat. Coleus forskolii produces changes in the body composition both in females and males. As per the study [placebo controlled, double blind] conducted, the females who are consuming coleus forskolii as the weight loss supplement had lead body mass and reported to have less hunger and fatigue.

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