How Weight Loss Hypnosis can Make this Your Last Diet, Forever

In a recent study conducted by researchers at Tufts University Medical Center, they put a group of adults on four different diet programs (Atkins, the Ornish low fat diet, The Zone, and Weight Watchers). They found that, on average, all subjects achieved modest weight loss from all diets. The biggest difference was that the people who lost weight adhered to their diet.

So the most important aspect of weight loss is not the diet itself, but being able to stick to the diet.

Most people encounter emotional barriers to weight loss. And no diet plan addresses these barriers. This is why the majority of diets fail.

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Hypnosis provides a way to short-circuit the emotional barriers, and make it easier to stick to any diet (and exercise) program.

Hypnosis is simply a deep, focused state of relaxation in which the mind is open to suggestion. There is nothing "magical" or supernatural about hypnosis. However, many people have experienced very quick, effortless results--and this can seem magical, especially after many years of weight loss struggles.

You can achieve hypnosis by finding a qualified hypnotherapist, or by purchasing a hypnosis CD (or tape). The advantage to a hypnosis CD is that you can achieve the same results, but from the comfort of your own home. The cost for a hypnosis CD is also far less than paying the hypnotherapist's office fees.

If you choose to buy a hypnosis CD, I recommend that you listen to it with headphones in a comfortable spot, either a chair, couch, or even in bed. The hypnotherapist's voice will first guide you in relaxing, as relaxation is key to successful hypnosis. Then, the therapist will focus on achieving a particular goal, such as sticking to a healthy eating plan, specific diet, or exercise program. A session is typically about an hour long, and you may start to see changes in your behavior immediately.

Some people have seen weight loss results from hypnosis after just a week. But the most important result is lasting weight loss.

Hypnosis has become mainstream, and is now used in many hospitals and doctor's offices to treat a wide range of conditions and issues. Hypnosis has been the focus of research for decades, and its benefits are well-proven. Several studies have shown that adding hypnosis sessions to various weight loss programs increases weight loss success by over 146%. Those results are impressive.

If you are ready to try hypnosis for weight loss, decide whether you want to be treated individually by a hypnotherapist, or purchase a hypnosis CD for use in your own home. If you want to visit a hypnotherapist, look for one who has a great deal of experience in weight loss, and is doctorally prepared (a PhD). The same goes for a hypnosis CD--be sure it was created by a qualified person to ensure your success.

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